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Our commitment to quality, growth and evolution of products is fore-front, but our paramount concerns are unwavering as we strive to provide you with supplements that have unparalleled potency, purity, biological vitality, and effectiveness. We go to great lengths to find sources that we feel confident will meet our high standards. Whenever possible, we use organically sourced ingredients, and formulas that are free of unnecessary binders and fillers. We carefully test and choose products that will yield the maximum potency and natural beneficial healing properties possible.

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Dr. Klinghardt and Dr. Schaffner will be presenting on the hidden dangers of parasites and how they can hinder your path to recovery! 

Are parasites silently preventing you from overcoming your health challenges? It’s imperative to find out! You’re likely hosting one or more parasites–which can enter your body through food, drink, contact with infected persons–and can live within you for years! Don’t miss The Parasite Summit from September 11-18, 2017, free and online!


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