The Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy has been proven to balance immune function, fight diseases, and increase energy. AND it is one of the most powerful home health treatments ever available. It also has over 100 years of medical history and over 2,000 published medical studies. It is used by over 50,000 doctors worldwide, on a daily basis, including our team at the Sophia Health Institute.

Ozone therapy entails using a medical ozone generator to generate medical ozone gas, which is then administered via the rectum and the ears, by drinking ozone water, and more. This is an extremely versatile therapy because it fundamentally supports the body to work more effectively and works with the core mechanisms of the body and disease. Whereas a drug usually goes into the body to turn something on, or off.

Ozone therapy is commonly used for viral infections, bacterial infections, Lyme, cancer, autoimmune disease, and preventative care/general wellness. It works by stimulating mild oxidative stress in the body, triggering the NRF-2 pathway.

This is the same pathway that is activated during exercise and fasting. It stimulates the body into a health and optimization mode that helps to eradicate disease and improve bodily functions on a cellular level. The three key treatments to Ozone Therapy at home are rectal insufflation, ear insufflation, and ozone water. The kit we have secured for our community includes all of the equipment necessary for these key treatments.

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Please note that an oxygen tank is required because they contain 99.9% oxygen and must be purchased separately. You cannot use ambient air or an oxygen concentrator because it will produce harmful contaminants. The manufacturer will provide more detailed information and specifics concerning oxygen tank options and where to purchase upon purchase of your ozone machine.

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