The Benefits of Propolis "Bee Medicine"

Propolis is an antioxidant rich bee product containing 300+ beneficial compounds, with powerful protective properties. It’s actually nothing like honey. Bees create it from collected plant resins and use it to line the hive walls to keep germs out!

Propolis is “bee medicine,” yet there are benefits, like natural antimicrobial properties! For humans, propolis supports the immune system and helps combat free radical damage in the body.

The Problem: We all do our best, but every day your immune system takes little hits… germs, stress, poor nutrition, bad sleep, air travel… the list is endless. For some, the immune system can handle these things in isolation. But get hit with too many of these things at once, and anyone’s immune system can get overwhelmed.

A powerful solution. Propolis is a natural immune defender, flooding your body with powerful antioxidants. Four spritzes is all it takes to support your immune system… and can even protect against daily oxidative stress.

One of the MOST powerful tools we share with patients is PROPOLIS. Just spray the propolis on the roof of the mouth and into the back of the throat several times a day.

Stock up on Beekeeper’s Naturals Propolis Throat Spray and power up your immune system today!

This is a pocket-sized companion to have by your side 24/7. Stash these bottles everywhere for whenever you need them—in your medicine cabinet, in your office, or in your bag on-the-go. (All it takes is 4 refreshing sprays on your tongue daily to get immune strong!)