Building a Healthy Immune System: Benefits of Saunas, Grounding and Breathwork

It is an unprecedented time. Many people are asking what they should have in their home to support a healthy immune system.

There are two tools that we have recommended, for a long time, to our patients at Sophia Health Institute.

The first tool is the SaunaSpace Photon - portable, targeted incandescent light and heat therapy.

I love this tool and actually have one on my desk at home and use it every morning and again in the evening.

SaunaSpace Photon is an incandescent near-infrared light, representing a form of photobiomodulation that not only uses light, but also radiates heat to achieve a biological effect.

Here are just some of the ways near-infrared supports your health:

It supports our mitochondria to produce more ATP (aka adenosine triphosphate) which is basically the energy “currency” inside every cell.

We also know that it improves blood flow, oxygenation and circulation in the body.

It increases “exclusions” on water. (Dr Pollack taught us about exclusions on water and how that's such a fundamental part of maintaining a healthy body.) I often say our health is a function of how much exclusions on water we have in the body.

It helps to maintain a healthy cell voltage, which is really critical to have a healthy cellular environment and cellular communication. The near infrared light also helps to support a collagen production as well.

The SaunaSpace Photon is also very unique in that it doesn't emit any EMF; it doesn't emit electric or magnetic fields.

The other tool that Dr. Klinghardt has shared in previous lectures is a sauna.

This is one of the most powerful tools you can invest in for your health, supporting your immune system by raising your core body temperature.

This is one of the fundamental ways to fight infection, and with supporting our immune systems being top of everyone's mind right now, having the opportunity to sweat - not only for the detoxification purposes - but also for the immune effects, is really critical right now.

A sauna engages your body’s NATURAL healing and health-supporting mechanisms through heat, and healing infrared rays, and can help you boost immunity, ease anxiety & depression, detoxify, relieve pain and more.

If you have been considering investing in one of the Influencer Saunas we’ve been sharing with you recently, please do not delay. The special offer ends on April 1st, and there are generous financing options available to help.

In this video I share more about the benefits of saunas as well as other practices you can start doing TODAY to boost your immune system.

Lastly, to boost the benefits of sauna therapy Dr. Klinghardt recommends pairing binders with your sauna sessions.

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