Powerful Herbal Approach to Treating Lyme Disease

Biopure CockTail has been inspired by the work of Dr. Klinghardt and Stephen Buhner, who is an herbalist and author of a library of books on Lyme and co-infections.

Dr. Schaffner recalls, "when I started working with Dr. Klinghardt, we had patients prepare their cocktail. We would tell them what herbs to put in a blender and combine it with phosphatidylcholine. It was challenging and took a lot of time. The cocktail also tended to make patients nauseous."

Since it's creation Biopure CockTail has been a staple in treating Lyme at Sophia Health Institute. Dr. Schaffner shares more in this short video about the benefits of each of the herbs found in Biopure CockTail blend.