Learn How To Apply and Use Briotech HOCl Spray & SOS Product

We've been getting a lot of questions about Briotech HOCl so we wanted to share with you what we are sharing with patients at Sophia Health Institute in terms of how to use Briotech HOCl. As a disclaimer, this is not intended for medical advice, and please consult your medical provider to make sure this is the right recommendation for you.

Briotech is a hypochlorous solution which is something in our white blood cells naturally produce as an anti-infective strategy to fight viruses and bacteria and fungi in the body. It is also an antimicrobial agent that kills viruses, bacteria, fungi, and spores. It promotes health and stimulates epithelial growth for wound healing and skin issues, as well as reduces inflammation. We've been using Briotech HOCl for a few years now as a staple in our chronic illness protocols at Sophia Health Institute because of its mechanism of action. If you want to learn more about HOCl and how it works, I hosted a webinar with Jeff Williams, Briotech CSO, where he goes through and shares the mechanisms of why HOCl is such a supportive tool.

Take a moment to watch as Dr. Christine Schaffner walks through the basic application and use of Briotech HOCl Spray and SOS Solution.

HOCl has had studies that show that it can fight viruses such as HPV, also a family of Coronaviruses that shows promise that it can be effective with COVD-19 and also Prion. We are confident that this is one tool in our toolkit to be empowered and proactive during this time.

We think it should be considered as part of anyone's first aid kit at this unique time, and in general.

The current virus is known to spread through the breath, the mucous membranes (including the eyes) and other yet unknown routes.

Keep your face protected by using HOCl spray frequently, throughout the day, in the face and mouth, your hands and any other exposed surface areas. It is also safe to spray into your eyes.

Use a diffuser filled with SOS at home to evaporate HOCl at least 15 minutes per room every couple of days. (Use a separate diffuser than you use for essential oils, so you do not inactivate the HOCl.) If you have to leave your home, spray your door handle, steering wheel, keys, phone, face and hands as you enter your car and exit your car.

While at home we also suggest using HOCl to spray down your countertops and tables. (Unlike traditional disinfectants you may be using, it is safe to ingest and won’t expose you to unwanted chemicals.)


Note that overwashing your hands can cause them to chafe and crack, making you potentially susceptible in new ways. We are directing our patients to spray their hands throughout the day in lieu of overwashing.

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