Remedies for Brain Health & Detoxification

Our brains are built to be in a constant state of healing and protection, removing environmental toxicants. This revitalizing pattern helps to keep our mind sharp and our immune system strong to fight off diseases.

The glymphatic system, which is the waste clearance system for your brain, is an integral part of removing toxins and maintaining your brain health. Each night, during deep sleep, the brain shrinks and is washed with cerebrospinal fluid, and this waste is carried through the glymphatic system and moved into the peripheral lymph. While this is happening the system is also bringing nutrients into the brain to supplement where toxins have done damage. This system is how our body keeps neurological degeneration and disease at bay, and is one of the most under appreciated but vital systems in our bodies. It is also a system that is delicate and easily injured and upset.

At Sophia, when we are looking to support a patient’s brain health we think first about the glymphatic system and promoting blood flow in and out of the brain as well as ensuring proper lymph drainage.

Melatonin is used to support our circadian rhythm as well as brain detoxification, clearing it of environmental toxicants and pathogens. We use liposomal melatonin, melatonin cream, and melatonin suppositories. Melatonin can be used at night and most often helps people sleep. If you find you have a melatonin hangover feeling, what we've discovered is that it's not the melatonin but the mobilization of toxins out of your brain. So this is just a caveat; if this occurs, it is essential to work with your practitioner to help support your body. At Sophia, we sometimes pair melatonin with more binders or chelators to mitigate symptoms.

The pineal gland is where melatonin is produced and it can be affected by so many things these days, including fluoride, aluminum, EMFs, and Wi-Fi. We recommend Pineal Code from Physica, which helps create more resilience in your pineal gland. You can order this product by calling Sophia Nutrition at 800-792-0408.

Another essential aspect to address when looking at supporting the brain is blood flow in and out of the brain. One product that we really love is called Brain Tincture. Brain Tincture is filled with wonderful herbs that are going to increase blood flow in your brain including ginkgo, rosemary, and bacopa. These herbs not only help with your memory and recall, but bacopa also helps your adrenal system which is another neglected part of the brain.

We also use skullcap quite often at Sophia to support brain health. Biopure Baikalin is potent and essential for brain health. Baikalin is a powdered extract from the root of Scutellaria baicalensis, also known as Chinese Skullcap, it is the active ingredient in this powder. It is known to increase brain-derived neurotrophic factors. So it helps you to create new neurons!

Aluminum is one of the key reasons why our brains are in trouble. When we look at dementia and children with autism, there is a statistically more significant amount of aluminum in their brains. Two products we recommend are Biosil which has active silicon, which is not only good for hair, skin, nails and connective tissue, but it's also useful for aluminum detox. We also recommend Zeobind which is a highly concentrated form of silica to help bind and get aluminum out of our body.

To recap, with brain health, think about supporting blood flow in and out of the brain and proper lymph drainage. Also, think about melatonin and ways to remove aluminum safely from the brain. And as always, we are always stressing to our patients to create a safe sleeping location mitigating EMF exposure so you can have a healthy and restorative sleep.

Learn more about the products Dr. Schaffner highlights for brain health and detoxification support below. To order Physica Pineal Code call Sophia Nutrition at 800-792-0408