Homemade Liposomal Melatonin for Sleep and Brain Detoxification by Dr. Sarah Carnes

Homemade Liposomal Melatonin for Sleep and Brain Detoxification by Dr. Sarah Carnes

Melatonin is needed to induce sleep and it is the primary way that the brain detoxifies itself. Chronic disease almost always includes a deficiency in melatonin, for reasons described below, and it’s common to hear that our patients can’t go to sleep until 1, 3, or 4 am. The problem is that it’s a self-promoting cycle: they are sick partly because they can’t detoxify, but they can’t detoxify because they’re sick. Getting people to sleep long and well—not a pharmaceutical-induced knock-out, but real sleep, including dreams and waking well rested—is strongly healing.

A few of the things that block melatonin production:

Light exposure after sunset

The brain thinks that it’s daytime and doesn’t produce the melatonin that makes you sleepy. Many people with insomnia are able to sleep and wake with the sun when camping and this is part of why. Avoid use of screens: phone, computer, and television, and use only low lighting at night. Candle light is ideal and sets the mood for winding down towards sleep.

Disruption of the pineal gland by electromagnetic fields (EMF)

Cell phones should be kept on airplane mode or as far away from the body as possible—never on the bed or nightstand. The new apps that use the iPhone and Android’s motion sensors to detect sleep quality reduce sleep quality themselves, and the brain’s ability to rejuvenate itself at night. Cordless phones should be removed from the house and replaced with land lines. WiFi must be shut off at night. Sensitive individuals or those with sleep problems should also shut off the fuses to their bedroom while sleeping.

Poor diet or digestion and absorption of food

Normally the body makes its own melatonin, but if there is a nutritional deficiency then it doesn’t have the building blocks it needs to do that. Some of the required nutrients are certain amino acids, B3, B6, B9, B12, magnesium, and methyl donors, and many of these are common deficiencies, either because quality protein and vegetables are not in the diet, or because the body isn’t digesting or absorbing them well due to inflammation in the gut, parasites and other dysbiosis, or lack of normal digestive fluid and enzyme production.

Nothing takes the place of fixing the reason that a problem exists in the first place. If there isn’t enough melatonin in the system because the patient has a B6 deficiency, for example, then that’s ultimately what needs to be addressed, but there’s almost always more than one cause, and it may take time to find and address all of them. In the meantime, supplementing a form of melatonin that the body can absorb and use right away, like liposomal melatonin, is a good idea to start detoxing the brain and get the body moving towards a healed state where then it can produce its own melatonin again. See recipe below:

Liposomal melatonin


Lipo-Health powder, Biopure

Melatonin capsules with minimal fillers, we use BioTech

Coconut oil, must be organic

Honey, must be organic

Water, filtered

In a small blender, put:

2 TB coconut oil, 2 tsp Lipo-Health, 7-10 days worth melatonin (your individualized daily dose x 7-10; open appropriate number of capsules into blender), 1.5 tsp honey or to taste, 4 tsp water. Blend until well mixed. You want it to look a little gelatinous and thick enough that it still pours, but slowly. Add water as needed to make product blendable. Add coconut oil if too fluid.

Put into a glass container in ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, following instructions for cleaner, run for 20 minutes. There’s no negative impact on the medication if the oils and water are somewhat separated.

Place in refrigerator, where it should thicken up to resemble butter.

How to take: let it absorb through your mouth by swishing it around to coat insides of cheeks, roof of mouth, etc. for several minutes. Avoid brushing teeth, eating, or taking other supplements for at least 15 minutes.

May 03, 2017 by Brandon Horoho
Healing The Brain

Healing The Brain

Healing The Brain 

The Klinghardt Brain Solutions conference was a 3-day event filled with lots of valuable information about what is at the root cause of problems such as Autism, ALS, MS Alzheimer’s and persistent Lyme disease. In this blog post I will write about some of the highlights from the main talk Healing the Brain, given by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.

The Underlying Causes Of Brain Dysfunction:

  1. Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR).
    This includes exposure to EMR from cell phones, cordless phones, smart meters, baby monitors, some home lighting and other man-made devices producing electrosmog. Exposure to EMR produces cumulative effects and is destructive to the brain, DNA and microbiome.
  2. Toxicity.
    Metals such as mercury, aluminum, and lead, organophosphates, wood preservatives, phthalates, bisphenol A, petrochemicals and pesticides including glyphosate are some of the toxins we are constantly being exposed to. There is evidence that all of these toxins contribute to the deterioration of health including brain health in various ways.
  3. Pathogens.
    Including mold, viruses, bacteria, and parasites.
  4. Genetics and Epigenetics.
    Note that although both genetics and epigenetics increase vulnerability to brain dysfunction and certain brain disorders they are rarely the underlying cause.

The 4 Principles Of Treating The Brain:

  1. Balance Basic Physiology and Biochemistry.
    Here we establish the foundation by addressing diet, exercise, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hormone deficiencies, and structural imbalances. This step can involve treatment with supplements, herbs, homeopathics, nutrient intravenous therapy, neural therapy, family constellation work, and other therapies to support better functioning of the body.
  2. Decrease Toxic Body Burden.
    This step involves removing any toxin that the individual may have been and/or currently is being exposed to, including metals, herbicides, pesticides, solvents and preservatives. Living on plant earth we are constantly exposed to toxins and so detoxification is a lifelong pursuit. Ionic footbaths, infrared sauna therapy, melatonin, herbs such as cilantro, therapeutic ultrasound, and manual lymphatic drainage are some of the tools that can help with removing toxins from the brain and detoxify the body as a whole.
  3. Immune Modulation.
    Most brain dysfunction is caused by an immune system that is either hyper- or hypoactive. The goal of immune modulation is to help bring the immune system back into balance. Herbs, homeopathic medications, and low dose immunotherapy are some of the tools that can be used to balance the immune system.
  4. Decrease Microbial Burden.
    Once the first four steps have been addressed it is time to focus on “killing the bugs”. Parasites, mold, viruses, bacteria, and protozoal infections can all play a role in brain dysfunction and need to be addressed for the brain to finally return to a state of health. In this step herbs, supplements, intravenous therapy, and pharmaceutical medications are some of the tools that can be utilized to eradicate the bugs.

To learn more about how to heal your brain schedule an appointment with your health care provider at Sophia Health Institute to create an individualized course of treatment that meets your needs.

May 03, 2017 by Brandon Horoho
BioPure Cocktail – Dr. Jenn Grushon

BioPure Cocktail – Dr. Jenn Grushon

BioPure Cocktail

Remember the days of mixing your own liposomal cocktail ingredients with a blender or ultrasound jewelry cleaning device?  Well, those days can be over!  If convenience is something you need or desire, or you struggled with the process of combining your own cocktail, there is an simpler option.


A pre-blended, liposomal cocktail is available through BioPure.  It is simply called “Cocktail” & contains all the basic components of the previous cocktail frequently recommended by Dr.Klinghardt, plus a few extra herbs.


The herbs involved include:

Artemisia annua

Astragalus membranaceus

Brazilian Green Propolis


Cistus incanus




Japanese Knotweed

Red Root

Stephania tetrandra


These herbals contain synergistic constituents and properties that aid in antimicrobial action, immune modulating and boosting, lymphatic & detoxification support, and biofilm breaking.  The combination of the herbs is in a base of phosphatidycholine (Liposorb), which is what makes it liposomal.


Let the cocktail absorb



As it is liposomal, it works best to let the cocktail absorb in your mouth for several minutes before swallowing, as the oral mucosa has a lot of vascularization. This helps the uptake of the liposomal cocktail into the systemic circulation and bypasses the gastrointestinal tract & first pass liver metabolism.


In addition to the liposomal cocktail, Hyaluronic Acid and additional Cistus tincture or Cistus tea are recommended for better efficacy of treatment.


Microbes feed on hyaluronic acid


Hyaluronic Acid is found naturally in the body.  It is most concentrated in the eyes, joints, and skin.  Microbes feed on hyaluronic acid, so when given supplemental hyaluronic acid orally, it can tease the microbes out of their hiding places, typically joints or eyes.  They then can be better targeted with the cocktail ingredients and other treatments on board.  


Cistus tea can actually prevent future insect bites when taken at therapeutic doses.  It is also a biofilm breaker and broadly antimicrobial.  Make Cistus tea your main drink; it counts as water intake!


Protect the kidneys

Anytime you have killing and detoxification agents on board, be sure to include binders.  Binders, such as Zeobind (zeolite) or Chlorella, should be taken away from food, medications, and other supplements.  These help to bind mobilized toxins, to prevent them from re-circulating and distributing through the body.  Binders also help protect the kidneys by routing the majority of the toxins out through the gastrointestinal system in the feces, rather than excreting them through the kidneys in the urine.  


April 29, 2017 by Tina Wilson