BioPure Cocktail – Dr. Jenn Grushon

BioPure Cocktail – Dr. Jenn Grushon

BioPure Cocktail

Remember the days of mixing your own liposomal cocktail ingredients with a blender or ultrasound jewelry cleaning device?  Well, those days can be over!  If convenience is something you need or desire, or you struggled with the process of combining your own cocktail, there is an simpler option.


A pre-blended, liposomal cocktail is available through BioPure.  It is simply called “Cocktail” & contains all the basic components of the previous cocktail frequently recommended by Dr.Klinghardt, plus a few extra herbs.


The herbs involved include:

Artemisia annua

Astragalus membranaceus

Brazilian Green Propolis


Cistus incanus




Japanese Knotweed

Red Root

Stephania tetrandra


These herbals contain synergistic constituents and properties that aid in antimicrobial action, immune modulating and boosting, lymphatic & detoxification support, and biofilm breaking.  The combination of the herbs is in a base of phosphatidycholine (Liposorb), which is what makes it liposomal.


Let the cocktail absorb



As it is liposomal, it works best to let the cocktail absorb in your mouth for several minutes before swallowing, as the oral mucosa has a lot of vascularization. This helps the uptake of the liposomal cocktail into the systemic circulation and bypasses the gastrointestinal tract & first pass liver metabolism.


In addition to the liposomal cocktail, Hyaluronic Acid and additional Cistus tincture or Cistus tea are recommended for better efficacy of treatment.


Microbes feed on hyaluronic acid


Hyaluronic Acid is found naturally in the body.  It is most concentrated in the eyes, joints, and skin.  Microbes feed on hyaluronic acid, so when given supplemental hyaluronic acid orally, it can tease the microbes out of their hiding places, typically joints or eyes.  They then can be better targeted with the cocktail ingredients and other treatments on board.  


Cistus tea can actually prevent future insect bites when taken at therapeutic doses.  It is also a biofilm breaker and broadly antimicrobial.  Make Cistus tea your main drink; it counts as water intake!


Protect the kidneys

Anytime you have killing and detoxification agents on board, be sure to include binders.  Binders, such as Zeobind (zeolite) or Chlorella, should be taken away from food, medications, and other supplements.  These help to bind mobilized toxins, to prevent them from re-circulating and distributing through the body.  Binders also help protect the kidneys by routing the majority of the toxins out through the gastrointestinal system in the feces, rather than excreting them through the kidneys in the urine.  


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