How to Maximize Your Sauna Therapy and Detoxification Efforts

Infrared sauna therapy is a biomedical intervention which uses biophysics which has been proven beneficial for detoxification. With an infrared sauna, the infrared light penetrates approximately two inches deep into human tissue. What most people don't realize is that sauna therapy does so much more for your overall health than just detoxifying. Sauna therapy produces a host of health benefits including stimulating cytokines and beneficial things that the body creates in response to it.

Learn more from Dr. Klinghardt, in this video, about his strategies and protocols to support your infrared sauna detoxification efforts including:

  • What binders you need to take to “preload your system” to maximize detox efforts
  • The latest research on sauna therapy and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Important (and often overlooked) post-sauna protocol

Learn more about the products Dr. Klinghardt highlights for proper sauna detoxification support below: