How Interference Fields Could Be Your Roadblock to Healing

One of the first steps we take with new patients at Sophia is looking to identify if there are interference fields in their health history that may be preventing their body from self-regulating and healing.

An interference field is an area of the body that can cause destabilization to the autonomic nervous system. This area has become depolarized or weakened due to previous trauma, which causes stress to the body. Some examples include an old scar, concussion, or root canal tooth, to name a few.

Even though a trauma may be very old and is no longer painful, it can still short-circuit the body’s natural energy flow, reflexing to a specific organ or gland, creating chronic issues – often that seem “mysterious” and unresolvable with many types of treatment.

Over time, these areas can often bio-accumulate a broad range of environmental and metabolic toxins, which can act to block the normal energy flow of the nerve and meridian network of the body, thus perpetuating illness and preventing the body from healing.

For external scars, you can begin an at home protocol to break up the scar tissue by applying shea butter or wheat germ oil manually. We also suggest a formulated treatment such as Sophia Flow Cream. This manual application of one of those oils on a regular basis (at least 30 days) will begin to break up the blockage. You can also seek out a provider who does Neural Therapy and have the scar injected.

In this video, Dr. Schaffner shares more about the role interference fields play in a patients healing journey and how you can start to remove these sometimes hidden, but pervasive, roadblocks.