Liver & Gallbladder Detoxification

The liver and the gallbladder are a fundamental part of the detoxification process. Dr. Schaffner shares in this educational video Sophia Health Institute tried and true remedies when working with patients to promote bile flow as well as clear and support their liver and gallbladder (beyond just binders!).

You will also learn:

  • What overwhelms the liver beyond environmental toxins and what herbal tincture is suggested
  • What to use when molds and mycotoxins overwhelm the liver
  • Products to use in combination for phase I and II conjugation to remove environmental toxins out of the liver
  • What to use when you have congestion in your bile

Learn more about the products Dr. Schaffner highlights for liver and gallbladder support below. To learn more and order Physica GB-40 Yuan Source call Sophia Nutrition at 800-792-0408