Lymphatic Throat Massage

As you may know, most detox protocols focus primarily on supporting your liver and kidneys. The lymph system, however, is just as important for detoxification.In fact, lymph stagnation is almost always present in chronically ill individuals, and supporting lymph drainage is a crucial part of any detox plan.

One of the main functions of the lymph system is that it acts as the “sewer system” of your body.When toxins are carried out of the cells, they first pass through the extracellular matrix to the lymph, and then to the organs of elimination.

When your lymph system is stagnant, toxins can build up in the extracellular matrix, which can cause a worsening of symptoms. Unlike blood, lymph does not have a pump that moves it into circulation. Rather, the lymph system relies on muscle contraction to create flow.This can be extremely problematic for chronically fatigued individuals since they are typically inactive. (Likewise for those who work long hours at sedentary occupations.)

Lack of movement will cause the lymph to become stagnant, blocking detoxification ability. The good news is that you can perform a manual lymphatic throat massage on yourself.

Dr. Klinghardt shares how in this video tutorial explaining the proper procedure for Lymphatic Throat Massage, as well as why it is specifically important and powerful for proper brain detoxification.