The Power of Organic & Enlightened Skincare

Patients at Sophia, as well as so many people in our community, are compelled to avoid toxins at every level, for health reasons.

But the truth is that we should ALL be that vigilant, because your skin is your largest organ, and it is a potential entry point at every pore.

After struggling to find a handful of products that were pure enough for patients at Sophia (and rejecting so many product lines), Dr. Christine Schaffner started thinking about the need to create her own skincare line. Her goal was to help science and nature collide, to bring your natural beauty to the world, created with intention and without harmful and toxic ingredients.

Lumvi (loom-vee) is a plant based skincare line, created with the highest intention. It is organic, and cruelty free, minus harsh chemicals that compromise your health. Lumvi is nutrition for your skin.

Take a moment to hear from Dr. Christine Schaffner in this video sharing more important information about the benefits of her new Lumvi skincare line including:

  • The preparation process that amplifies the healing properties of the plants within the Lumvi formulations
  • The power of Swiss apple stem cells to increase our own stem cell activity
  • Preventing wrinkles and increasing elasticity and collagen in the skin
  • The ingredient used in one specific Lumvi product formulation that is being touted as a natural botox alternative