Supplementing CORE for Kryptopyrroluria (KPU)

Supplementing CORE for Kryptopyrroluria (KPU)

Kryptopyrroluria (KPU), also known as Hemopyrrollactamuria, is a condition associated with many neurological diseases, including Lyme disease, Autism, multiple sclerosis, and heavy-metal toxicity.

In KPU, a group of molecules called pyrroles are created as a byproduct of heme synthesis. Pyrroles bind to many essential nutrients, including zinc, vitamin b6, biotin, manganese, and a few others, causing the deficiency. Treatment of KPU involves supplementing supraphysiological doses of these nutrients to overcome the wasting of them in the urine due to the pyrroles.


These nutrients can be taken separately, but thankfully BioPure has developed a combination product called CoreTM that has all of the “core” nutrients for treating KPU in the proper doses and ratios. BioPure CoreTM contains:


Zinc: A mineral that is vital for white blood cell and immune function. CoreTM contains a combination of several different zinc chelates. Zinc deficiency is responsible for immune suppression in KPU. Men usually require more zinc than women.


Vitamin B6: A vitamin involved in the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin. This is why insomnia, nervousness, irritability, and other neurological symptoms are common in KPU.  CoreTM contains B6 as a combination of P5P, the active form, and pyridoxine HCL, the inactive form.


Biotin: A B vitamin that is necessary for energy production, as well as skin and nail health.  Brittle nails and nail spots are telltale sign of KPU.


Manganese: Another mineral needed for joint and bone health, as well as blood sugar regulation and thyroid hormone production.


Chromium: A mineral important for blood sugar regulation.


Molybdenum: Helps with sulfur metabolism.


Boron: A mineral also often deficient in KPU.


Taurine: An amino acid that is important for the nervous system and bile production.


The amount of CoreTM that an individual requires needs to be determined by your doctor, but a goal dose is typically 4-10 capsules spread throughout the day with food. Many patients have to start with 1 capsule or even a fraction of a capsule. Side effects of replacing the lost nutrients in KPU typically are not caused by sensitivities to the nutrients themselves, but from the biochemical pathways that start to work again once the nutrients are present. Detox strategies are needed with KPU treatment since the restoration of these biochemical pathways will cause the patient to start excreting heavy metals.


Some patients do have a true sensitivity to CoreTM due to the manganese. Lyme spirochetes have the ability to feed off of manganese, and it  can also cause nausea in some people. Biopure has also created a version of CoreTM called Core-STM, which does not contain manganese. Core-STM also contains vitamin A, Niacin, Lithium, magnesium, and horsetail as a source of silica. These nutrients are sometimes needed when treating KPU.


Those who are sensitive to manganese can start with Core-STM, and the other nutrients it contains like zinc will help with immune function. Once the body burden of Lyme bacteria has been reduced, the patient can be switched to the original CoreTM, as manganese will eventually be needed.


KPU also causes a deficiency in the omega-6 fat arachidonic acid, which is found only animal fats.  Arachidonic acid is critical for immune health, and makes up a significant portion of the fatty acids in the brain.  It is an also precursor to the endocannabinoid 2-arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG) [As a side note, I think this is why people with KPU often benefit from CBD oil].  Good sources of an arachidonic acid include ghee, lard, tallow, and other animal fats.  Some people do better with plant oils that contain omega-6 fatty acids such as evening primrose oil and borage oil.  However, be aware that the conversion from plant sourced omega-6 to arachidonic acid in the body is less than 1 percent.


Deficiency in a variety of trace minerals is common in KPU.  A high-quality broad spectrum trace mineral supplement like Biopure Microminerals can be added.


Written by Bryant Rubright

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