Rosemary Herbal Tincture 2 oz

SKU Rosemary Herbal Tincture 2 oz

BioPure Rosemary Herbal Tincture made from Rosemarinus officinalis, commonly known as rosemary, is a member of the mint family (Lamiaceae), native to the Mediterranean, and grows as a small to medium-sized shrub, bearing pale blue to white flowers in the summer. The herb has been used for centuries as a flavorful spice in foods, a fragrant addition to soaps and cosmetics, and also for a variety of health benefits.

The species name, ‘officinalis,’ in was often given to plants and animals that embodied a long history of traditional use and health lore. Rosemary was used by ancient healers in dealing with a variety of issues including skin problems, respiratory disorders, flatulence, constipation, menstrual discomfort, hair loss, dandruff, mood, and improving memory. The ancient Greeks believed rosemary stimulated the mind and improved memory, so sprigs of the herb were often woven into garlands or taken into exams by scholars. The same Rosemary in BioPure Rosemary Herbal Tincture has also long been thought of as a symbol of remembrance, love, trust, and friendship, and was used in funerals, weddings, and religious ceremonies.