Czaga (Freeze Dried Chaga Extract) Powder 100g

by BioPure
SKU Czaga (Freeze Dried Chaga Extract) Powder 100g

BioPure Czaga TM (pronounced ‘chaga’) is made from the fungus Inonotus obliquus. This mushroom grows as an irregularly formed mass of mycelium, resembling burnt charcoal, on the bark of birch trees in Siberia, Russia, eastern Europe, and some parts of the United States and Canada. The Chaga mushroom has been revered as a medicinal substance for centuries. The most common way it was used traditionally was to boil it and create an aqueous extract. It was considered a cleansing substance and was used internally and externally to keep people healthy.* It was also commonly used for supporting cardiovascular and gastrointestinal health.*

The Chaga mushroom used in BioPure Czaga tea has been found to have a wide variety of biologically active compounds and secondary metabolites including triterpenoids such as inotodiol, lanosterol, and betulinic acid; sterols such as ergosterol; melanins, phenolic compounds, polysaccharides, vitamins, proteins, and more.