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BFB-2 1 oz

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The main purpose of BFB-2 is to help degrade biofilms, interfere with communication between microbes, enhance penetration of concurrently used antimicrobials and may act to accordingly themselves. Biofilms can also be referred to as “bacterial slime”, and are generally composed of extracellular DNA, proteins, polysaccharides, fibrin, microbes, minerals and heavy metals.

BFB-2 consists of a proprietary blend of the following essential oils: Eucalyptus globules, Citrus reticulata blanco var tangerina, Boswellia carterii, and Thymus vulgaris.

Adults: First 3 days 1 drop into the sole of each foot or bottom of big toe twice daily (either one drop of BFB 1 into one foot and one of BFB 2 into the other if both are indicated or one drop of the particular indicated product into both feet twice daily). After 3 days if there is good tolerance (no rash or major die off) add one drop to the print side of the thumb and one to the back of the earlobe each time a drop is placed on the foot. Children under 12: 1 drop onto the sole of one foot, once daily for the first 3 days and if tolerated increase to one drop on the bottom of both feet twice daily.
DO NOT USE DURING PREGNANCY. So What Makes Supreme Nutrition different? 1) Before each and every batch bottled Supreme Nutritional Herbs are researched for the highest quality and thoroughly tested. The herb is first tested against many different others - Raw material selection must also pass a high scrutiny (Using Muscle Testing by a highly trained professional and clinical results). 2) No fillers, binders, etc. added. This gets harder & harder and even many suppliers send off raw materials after diluting their “natural, organic” products with maltodextrin to prevent caking. As a result Supreme Nutrition had to drop a few raw materials from their products. 3) Most of our products only have one ingredient instead of many herbs with only a little of each.That way Supreme Nutrition is not doing a shotgun approach.