ZeoGold 30 Capsules

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Supplement Facts
Each capsule contains:
One Individualized Pre-measured serving of:
Vitamin C 60mg (100%DV)
---(FASM L-ascorbate Crystals**) 
GMS-Ribose*** 30mg
MicroHydro Zeolite**** 100mg
---(Natural Na aluminosilicate) 
Glutathione Lipoate ***** 60mg
---(Water soluble)
** FASM L-Ascorbate C crystals with FASM, with a Firmly Attached Sodium Molecule at a neutral pH. Each serving provides 7mg of attached sodium.
*** GMS-Ribose+óGÇP-ó Glycine Methyl Sulfone Ribose, a patented proprietary blend of methylated glycine, as complexed with methyl sulfone (MSM), D-Ribose/Malate, Aloe, EDTA.
**** MicroHydro Zeolite - Micronized HydroColloidal Zeolite - Natural Na aluminosilicate
***** Glutathione Lipoate - a water-soluble complex of L Glutathione, R Lipoate, and Human Hydro-colloid form of Zeolite. It forms in petrified bubbles of the clinoptilolite volcanic rock providing ultra high surface area and higher CEC (cation exchange capacity) for more effective utilization than any clinoptilolite with or without nano sizing.


Recommended Use:
Adults: Open 1 Individualized pre-measured serving (capsule) and HYDRATE contents in 4 ounces of water or liquid of choice, 1 or more times or as recommended by a healthcare professional.

Keep out of the reach of children.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.