ApiVENZ Relief Bee Venom Cream 25g

by BioPure
SKU ApiVENZ Relief Bee Venom Cream 25g

Bee venom cream ApiVENZ™ Relief designed for people suffering from joint or muscles pain, for people, who have sport injury or strained tendon, or a long time working with computer and have joint problems. Bee venom ApiVENZ™ Relief ointment will help you to get your previous comfort.


The key unique healing ingredient of ApiVENZ™ Relief is certified natural dried New Zealand bee venom. Each 25-gram tube contains:

25-mg of New Zealand bee venom VENZ™ or 100 bee stings. This bee venom was collected by company ApiHealth NZ with using of the patented technology, which not harmful for bees (NZ Patent # 329585).

Other natural ingredients are clove oil, pine oil, eucalyptus oil and horseradish extract.