**FREE** Dental Probiotic 30 Tablets ** Until Supplies Last**

SKU Dental Probiotic 30 Tablets

The lot of Dental Probiotics that we currently have in stock expire on 11/2020. The probiotics can still be used after the expiration date, although the 3 billion CFU is not guaranteed after 11/2020. 

The FidaBiotics Company that manufactures these will not be producing any new product due to Covid-19 until further notice.

We are offering these up at no charge for the product although shipping will still apply unless you have other items in your cart totaling over $248.00.  

  • Fidabiotics can restore normal oral flora from dysbiotic to symbiotic, which can prevent the overgrowth of periodontitis-associated bacteria.
  • Fidabiotics can modulate immune response and reduce oral and systemic chronic inflammation.
  • Fidabiotics contains BLIS-M18 and Lactobacilli, which all have been shown to break down dental plaque, reduce gum bleeding, and reduce gum pocket depth.