High Allicin Garlic 60 Capsules

by BioPure
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SKU High Allicin Garlic 60 Capsules
Research has discovered a complex array of bioactives present in garlic, including trace minerals, enzymes, selenium-based compounds, and sulfur-containing molecules, that are all synergistically involved in its various health benefits. Allicin, one of the most abundant and significant thiosulfinate compounds in garlic, is formed and released only after the clove is crushed. Allicin has received credit for many of garlic’s beneficial antioxidant properties.
Ingredients: 700mg Allium sativum L (Garlic Clove Powder), (Allicin 8.17mg per capsule and Allin 19.2mg per capsule)

Other ingredients:  Capsule of cellulose and water.