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Horsetail Herbal Tea

This herb is an excellent calcium builder and mineral provider. It strengthens the connective tissue, works as a diuretic and has an anti-fungal effect.

Equisetum arvense

The EQUISETUM herb is rich in silicic acid crystals (10 percent) and also contains potassium, iron,magnesium, manganese, oxalic acid, and malic acid.

Cilicea has a special relation to the connective tissue, especially the Cilicea of EQUISETUM. Studies by Dr.Zirkgraf (Germany) concluded that after tuberculosis diseases the organism showed a lack of Cilicea and theold school s prescribed EQUISETUM for this condition.

In the literature by Aschner one finds suggestions for topical use as well. It is used for eczema, sores,paradentosis and enemas. Other literature also reports a positive effect on the respiratory tract while using EQUISETUM. This may be based on the correlation between lung and kidney as taught in Chinese medicine.

Simmer (low boiling) 2 tablespoons loose tea in 1 quart pure water for 10 minutes, using a glass or ceramic container only. OR simmer 1 heaping teaspoon loose tea in 1 cup pure water for 10 minutes and drink after meals.

Suggested Use:
2 to 3 cups daily between or after meals. Use as an accompanying remedy for six months to one year off and on.

Children take half the adult amount.

To maximize their efficacy, herbal teas should be consumed plain but can be sweetened with natural sweeteners, if desired. We particularly emphasize not to make or drink tea with tap water. Also it is recommended not to drink distilled water.

HORSETAIL TEA can help to restore kidney function in particular, the reabsorption process of the primary urine in the proximal and distal convoluted tubule.