Sophia Liver Flush Program

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Join us for this unique opportunity to experience LIVE, daily coaching and step-by-step support from the elite team of Sophia Cleanse Coaches as they walk you through this powerful 10-day liver cleanse protocol. 


Liver Flush Product Kit: Physician's Standard Liver Cleanse + O2 Cleanse + Potassium Chloride Packet

Step-by-Step Online Liver Flush Program

Access to the Sophia Cleanse Coaches

Guides & Support Materials

Liver Support Recipes & Shopping List

Live Q&A Sessions Daily with Coaches

Motivation & Support via Email and Private FB Group

Additional Supplies You Will Need to Purchase to Complete the Cleanse Include:

Organic Coffee (for Coffee Enema): We suggest SA Wilson Coffee

Olive Oil: Organic, Cold-pressed

Castor Oil: Organic, Cold-pressed and Hexane-free

Organic Cotton/Flannel: 2 layers thick and 4 x 6 inches

Enema Kit

Hot water bottle

Apple Cider Vinegar



April 30th - Registration closes 

May 1st - Participants gain access to the Liver Flush Portal to begin reviewing course material and coaching schedule

May 6th - Liver Flush 10-day program begins, daily live Coaching and Q&A webinars and email support

Your liver is involved in over 600 vital biological processes including:

Neutralizing Toxins 

Fighting Infection 

Breaking Down and Storing Nutrients

Supporting Thyroid Health 

Producing Amino Acids

Balancing Blood Sugar 

Regulating Blood Pressure

Supporting Hormone Production

Helping to Make New Blood

The Liver & Gallbladder Flush removes bacteria, pathogens, and toxins, and recycles worn-out RBCs & WBCs to keep your blood & body healthy.

Upon purchase, you acknowledge you are embarking on an educational Liver Flush Course with Sophia Health Institute. The information discussed in the setting of a remote educational Liver Flush is not medical advice, and should not be treated as such. The information provided is for informational and educational purposes only. The information discussed is in no way intended to supplant the information provided by one's doctor(s). You understand that no portion of any Liver Flush Course is to be interpreted as a diagnosis or treatment of anyone for anything.
This Liver Flush Course is not intended to: 
  • diagnose or treat any disease or condition 
  • manage your health care 
  • provide medical services 
  • initiate a doctor-patient relationship 
Your primary care physician and/or other doctors should always be regarded as a primary source of information about a diagnosis, treatment, prescription drugs, and medical conditions.

Upon purchase, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand this disclaimer and agree to the terms it states.