Luminate: Stem Cell Facial Cream 30ml

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SKU Luminate: Stem Cell Facial Cream 30ml

Healing. Smoothing. Radiating.

Promotes a smooth, beautiful radiant complexion. Hydrates, firms, targets age spots and wrinkles.

Seal your skincare routine with Luminate, which is formulated with swiss apple stem cells, playing a pivotal role to visibly repair and rejuvenate cells once they have been damaged. Stem cells are rich in antioxidants which help reduce wrinkles and redness and protect against free radicals. Layered in is hyaluronic acid helps to retain moisture. This facial cream hydrates beautifully without feeling heavy.


swiss apple stem cells. hyaluronic acid. ginseng. marshmallow. melon seed. vitamin c


Smooth over serum and / or facial oil, morning and night for maximum results.


Lumvi ( is an exo luxe, organic, plant based line of skincare made with intention. The plants harvested for our products are extracted with the highest vibration to deliver the best possible ingredients as a supplement to your skin and counter the aging process from the outside in. Most skincare treats symptoms, and not the underlying issues. Lumvi is concentrated with active ingredients and over time heals your skin.