Nano-Mojo 1.7 fl oz

SKU Nano-Mojo 1.7 fl oz
Dietary Supplement
NanoMojo harnesses the dynamic power of Sun Horse Energy adaptogens to the penetrating lipid carriers of Quicksilver Delivery System.
Quicksilver Delivery Systems: Quicksilver nutraceuticals utilize modern science to unleash the curative power of nature. With the world's most advanced phospholipid delivery systems. Quicksilver Scientific supplements nourish your cells as they deliver their core effective ingredients faster and more effectively.

Serving Size:1 ml

Servings Per Container:50


Amount Per Serving
Phosphatidylcholine (from purified sunflower seed lecithin) 50 mg
SunHorse Proprietary 174 mg
Adaptogenic Herbal Blend Acai
Gynostemma rhizome (Jiaogulan)
Lycium (fruit)(Himalayan Goji)
Maca (root)
American Ginseng (root)
Siberian Ginseng (root)
Schisandra (fruit)
Chinese Licorice (root)
Rhodiola (root)
Astragalus (root)
Reishi (fruiting body)
Catuaba (bark)
Stinging Nettle (aerial parts)
Saw Palmetto (fruit)
Guarana (seed)
Ashwagandha (root)
Tribulus (aerial parts)
Epimedium (aerial parts)
Organic Maple (sap) Syrup

Other ingredients:
Water, Glycerin, Ethanol, Acacia gum, Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopheryl polyethylene glycol 1000 succinate and as natural mixed tocopherols)