Organic Neem Extract 120 Capsules

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SKU Organic Neem Extract 120 Capsules
In India, Neem is known as “the Village Pharmacy” for its countless uses, and is the Ayurvedic herb of choice for nurturing healthy skin, hair and nails.
• Nature's antibiotic. May help control the symptoms associated with Lyme disease
• Used in 3rd world countries to fight Malaria and other tropical disease.
• Works as a natural insect repellent*

• The Tattva’s Difference: Supercritical extraction delivers the whole herb to your body—pure, potent, and bioavailable
• Certified organic, non-GMO, sustainable
• Vegan and cruelty-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free

Ingredients per capsule:

Neem (Organic Co2 Extract - 70% Liminoids) - 10 mg.
Neem (Organic PSE Extract) - 100 mg.
Neem (Organic Raw Herb) - 200 mg.
Guduchi (Organic Co2 Extract - 70:1 Ratio) - 5 mg.
Gudduchi (Organic PSE Extract - 2%) - 70 mg.
Amla (Organic Co2 Extract) - 2 mg.
Amla (Organic PSE Extract) - 69 mg.

Other Ingredients: "K" Capsule (Vegetable Cellulose), Aerated silica,