Regulat Pro Bio 12 oz

by BioPure
SKU Regulat Pro Bio 12 oz

BioPure Regulat Pro Bio ® is a liquid raw, whole, live food product prepared from a special combination of fermented organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and nuts, including date, fig, walnut, coconut, lemon, soybean, onions, sprouts, celery, artichoke, millet, and peas, with a variety of spices including saffron, bitter orange, anise, fennel, caraway, allspice, curacao, cloves, cinnamon bark, ginger root, cubeb pepper, and turmeric. The process of BioPure Regulat Pro Bio fermentation used is referred to as a single cascade system, developed and patented in Germany by Dr. Niedermaier Pharma, in which lactobacteria are added to stimulate the initial breakdown of the ingredients. The mixture then undergoes a cascading series of partial filtrations and separations. At each separation stage, part of the mixture is filtered out and part receives more lactobacteria to facilitate further breakdown. All the factions are combined in the end, resulting in an undiluted mixture with a full range of short chain peptides and amino acids from the various stages.

Directions for Use
Begin and end your day with 10mL of Regulat Pro Bio (about 1/2 of the enclosed cup). Hold in mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing. Can be diluted in a half glass of water. Shake before use and store in a cool place away from sunlight. Use within one month of opening. Due to the use of fresh ingredients, there may be some variation in taste, color, scent and clarity.

Other ingredients
This product contains soy and walnuts. This product is naturally free from coloring, preservatives, alcohol, gluten and milk. Suitable for vegans. The Vitamin C is sourced from Acerola Cherries.