Renew: Ageless Serum 30ml

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Transforming. Healing. Protecting.

Evens skin tone, boosts radiance. Targets age spots on wrinkles.

Heal and correct with Renew, our ageless serum. Rich in ashwagandha, the immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial super supplement works to correct redness, dark spots and smooth wrinkles, while naturally brightening the skin. This serum protects the skin from toxic free radical damage from the sun and literally works in minutes to rebalance the skin and induce a healthy glow. Pat on bare skin or over makeup throughout the day to wake up and brighten tired skin.


ashwagandha. red clover. sea buckthorn. helichrysum. frankincense. gotu kola.


Apply after serum and before moisturizer for maximum effect, morning and night.


Lumvi ( is an exo luxe, organic, plant based line of skincare made with intention. The plants harvested for our products are extracted with the highest vibration to deliver the best possible ingredients as a supplement to your skin and counter the aging process from the outside in. Most skincare treats symptoms, and not the underlying issues. Lumvi is concentrated with active ingredients and over time heals your skin.