Restore is unlike any supplement on the market. It has the science and efficacy of a pharmaceutical while having the low toxicity of a nutraceutical.

RESTORE was developed by scientists trained at some of the most prestigious universities in the country, such as the University of Virginia, Duke University, and the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. RESTORE is made in the USA.

RESTORE Ingredients for Gut Health

RESTORE ingredients for gut health are comprised of a plant-based mineral supplement, lignite extract, deionized reverse osmosis water, stable carbon organics with a full spectrum of trace soil minerals, mineral salts, platinum group elements, and castor oil. (Both tap water and bottled water products contain impurities. Deionized reverse osmosis water contains virtually no impurities)

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Processes

Scientists combine these ingredients using proprietary, multi-step state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Based on laboratory testing RESTORE is highly effective in protecting and strengthening intestinal tissue, and further toxicity testing indicates it is very safe for human consumption.

It is important to note that other supplements on the market have many of the same raw materials as RESTORE, but some may cause significant kidney toxicity, increasing kidney cell death (the most sensitive cell we can test) by more than 250% within hours of exposure. We have conclusive laboratory evidence that kidney cells bathed in 100% concentrations of RESTORE, reveal no toxicity, but actually show increased cell longevity.

restore ingredients for gut health