Skorpios Suppositories 30 count BioPure


Brand BioPure

A proprietary blend of Cocoa Butter and 750mg of EDTA (calcium di sodium).; 30 rectal suppositories per jar.

Each product in the line of BioPure suppositories is made with the purest, most high-quality, high antioxidant, food-grade Cocoa Butter, with the addition of select BioPure products.

See our Research & More Information below to learn more about SKORPÍOSTM Suppositories.

Health Functions

  • Detoxification Support for Toxic Heavy Metals*

  • Cardiovascular Health*

  • Liver Health*

Suggested Use

Our rectal suppositories come with complete step-by-step directions for use.

Servings Per Container: 30


A proprietary blend of EDTA (calcium di sodium) and 100% food grade cocoa butter**.